Saturday, November 25, 2017

Galvanized Christmas Tree Collar

I’ve been eyeing galvanized tree collars online for a while, actually a few years.  There are several beautiful sources out there to purchase - boy howdy are they pricey!   Thank goodness for Pinterest and a handy husband to help me out!
We started by measuring the base of our tree.  This is a very important step that you really need to do as there are several different sizes of galvanized buckets and tubs out there.  Step #2 was a quick trip to the farm and home store in the livestock feeding and watering section and purchased this tub for the whopping price of $17.99. 


It’s a 10.5 gallon tub – 20” across at the top and 10.5” tall.   It’s the perfect size for our tree. 
Once home, I hubby used a jigsaw to cut out the bottom.  Being the bad blogger, I didn’t get photos of this step.   I can tell you that he drilled a starter hole and used two blades to complete the task.   When the tub was bottomless he used a hammer and smoothed out the rough edges so the fur babies and I don’t somehow manage to maim ourselves.
Since we have an artificial tree this year, we put the tree stand in place, then the collar and then inserted the tree into the stand.  Here’s our result:

There are several tutorials out on the internet on how to age galvanized metal, but I am okay with how this looks so I didn’t do any aging to the tub.  You could also add burlap ribbon, vinyl cutouts or even paint the collar – the options are endless!