Monday, November 26, 2012

Craft Stick Snowflake

I saw a great project on Pinterest the other day using craft sticks to make a snowflake.  I thought to myself “I can do this”.  And I did.

I started by cutting 24 craft sticks in half and then glued them together to make an approximate 90 degree angle – nothing exact going on here. 

Then I took a quarter – I couldn’t find the washers out in the garage and I don’t have any wooden discs on hand – and started gluing. 

Then I glued some more. 

I had one tiny freak out moment when the photographer (my eldest daughter) informed me that I had hot glued my rings.  Emeralds and hot glue are not a good mix. 

Then I glued a little more until I got the balanced look I desired. 

I was going to paint and glitter it up but I decided it looked good “natural” against my blue living room wall.  



  1. Looks great! I like the natural wood.

    <3 Christina at I Gotta Create!
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  2. Your's looks great. I tried one last year, and it wouldn't stay together. How is yours holding up? Thanks for linking up to tip-toe thru Tuesday.

  3. after making my flake i spray painted mine then cover with paste then glitter was fab sorry no pic .