Wednesday, November 30, 2011

More Glitter Christmas Lights

Earlier I shared with you my technique for making glittered Christmas light bulbs.   As promised – here are the results of the one’s that we used white glitter on.  

We used red, green and white bulbs for this project and some gorgeous white medium glitter.  The white glitter didn’t cover the bulbs completely – they look frosted.  

Theses frosted bulbs became the centerpiece for our dining room table.  

I put inexpensive red Styrofoam beads in the bottom of a hurricane and topped them off with the frosted bulbs.  I purchased the peppermint place mat from Pier 1 and I’ve had the hurricane for several years.  I love how this turned out – it looks great and didn’t break the bank!

Just a quick follow up to answer a couple of questions:   I don't know what would happen if you were to put these back on the light strings and light them up.  I don't even know if these are "good" lights - they had been in a box since we moved into our home 13 years ago

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Glittered Christmas Light Bulbs

When we moved into our house 13 years ago, the old owner left several items behind: lots of furniture, Halloween decorations and a box of old style Christmas light bulbs.  Several months ago I pinned some great glitter bulbs over on Pinterest and when I saw that box of miscellaneous old bulbs I decided to make them.  Even my two teenage daughters got involved. 

We started with a layer of waxed paper on the table, mod podge, and glitter.  I started with blue and white glitter, then my youngest got out the purples – good call on her part!

We simply painted the bulbs with mod podge

sprinkled them with glitter

and set them on a sheet of waxed paper to dry

I also used some glitter snowflake stickers and just randomly placed them on some white bulbs. 

They look great with the blue glittered bulbs. 

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Grapevine Christmas Tree

I started my Christmas projects and shopping the other day!  I know, it's not even Thanksgiving, but our Thanksgiving will be very low key this year and I am totally ready for the Christmas Season!

I've been picking up tree cones, bells, trinkets, scrapbook paper and lots of other Christmas themed craft items for the last several weeks.  One of my finds was a grapevine cone at 40% off from Hobby Lobby.  Plus HL had 50% off all Christmas the last few times I've been there!  I scored some great stuff. 

My first project was the grapevine cone.  I used tiny red bead garland and some shiny silver balls and made this cute little tree. I used hot glue here and there to attach the garland to the tree and then randomly hot glued the silver balls onto the tree.   Total decorating time was around 45 minutes and total cost was less than $10.00.

Not only have I been on the ball with Christmas crafts - I have also been on the ball with Christmas shopping.  I have all my nieces and nephews done and the one big item for each of our girls is also complete.   You have no idea how stress free the season will be for me!  I still get to find some more special items for my girls and hubby but the hard part is done.