Sunday, September 18, 2011

Cousins and a Rainbow Dog

This weekend was absolutely amazing!  Six cousins all together having fun.  Ages – 19, 15, 13, 13, 6 and 5.   The 15 year old and one of the 13 year olds belong to me – the others are my nephew and nieces.  Considering I live 200 miles from my family, having all the cousins together at my house is rare, I wish we could do it more often.  

We did all sorts of projects – glow in the dark jars, jar lid bracelets, easy hair coloring (it washes right out), fingernails painted. Secrets were told, games were played, movies were watched, dances were danced, stories told, ice cream was eaten, and the goofs were goofy. 

I’ll share some of our projects later this week – for now I’ll leave you with a project that I don’t recommend unless you have a dog who loves you very very much. 

I’m not sure whose idea this was but they had a ball!  The kids used watercolor pastels and “made Parker pretty”.   To color him they just dipped watercolor pastels in cool water and colored him.  He sat there, didn’t growl or nip at anyone.   He’s such a good boy! 

NOTE:  The pastels wash out with warm water and some regular body wash.  The dog shampoo did not get the colors out but Dial body wash took it right out.


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