Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Bathroom Sneak Peak

Back in April, I asked Mr. Manly Man to replace a burned out halogen bulb in the light fixture above my mirror in the bathroom.  Those halogen bulbs gave me fits. He said maybe it was time to replace the fixture with one that I could actually replace the bulbs by myself.  Boy did he open a can of worms! 

The light fixture was replaced right after Easter.  Along with some new vinyl for the floor.  And a shower curtain.  A fuzzy memory foam rug. And a few other goodies.  The bathroom is not complete but here's a little peak.

The new light fixture is from Home Depot, three lovely lights with a brushed nickle finish.  Frosted glass gloves, just the right amount of ahhhh. 

I love the pattern and color of this shower curtain.   If you don't currently hit up Tuesday Morning, I recommend you do - $9.99 for a shower curtain - enough said. 

Don't get me wrong, I adore Home Goods too.  Where else would I have found this fuzzy memory foam pet bed rug?  I should have purchased two, one for me, one for the cats. 

You've already seen the wall art reminder I made for my girls.  I just need a few more little things, some trim and the like and I'll be ready to show it all to ya.  Don't hold your breath though, things can get hectic around here.

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