Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Graniteware Part #1

Remember back in my post where I shared with you my granite ware tea strainers?  Well, here is a little bit more of my granite ware collection.  I love all the different swirls and specks in the granite, they are what make each piece unique.  Yes, I know some of the pieces have dings, missing granite and some rust, but that just adds to their charm.  Perfection is over-rated. 

These items are in an old dentistry cabinet in the living room.  These are just some miscellaneous pieces that I love. 

I adore these three different measures.  I found these in various shops throughout Kansas. I've got the kids and their dad trained to spot granite ware at auctions and shops.  They have helped me find some great pieces.

This great flask came from Germany several years ago.  It still has it’s old rubber around stopper. 

I won this great little syrup pitcher at an auction just one block from our home.

This footed bowl is super heavy; I think its cast iron underneath.  At one time it had a top but that was long before it was mine.  It looks super cute with some apples or lemons. 

Lastly, this fluted jello mold is a great piece.  It works well for potpourri and it's too small for the cat to sleep in. 

As the title indicates this is just part one of my granite ware collection, I plan on sharing more in the future.  

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