Saturday, June 11, 2011

Dog Treats

Remember a few posts back when I gussied up the treat jars for our pets?  Well, I decided to make them some treats to go in them.  It was so easy! 


Whole Wheat Flour, Dry Milk, One Egg, Vegetable Oil
Bouillon Cubes, Water, Brown Sugar

What I did:

I dissolved the bouillon cubes in hot water – nuked it for 2 minutes. While it was in the microwave, I dumped the rest of ingredients in a bowl.  When the bouillon was done, I added it to the bowl and used a wooden spoon to combine. 

Next I rolled the dough to ¼” thick.  I sprayed two sheets of waxed paper with non stick spray and went to town. 

We cut out a few dog shaped treats.  The daughter thought they looked creepy and asked why don’t we just cut them in bars?  So she did.  She kind of took over.  Handed me the camera and everything.  Hmmm roll reversal?

Anyhow, she placed them on a greased cookie sheet and baked them at 350 degrees for 30 minutes.   They actually didn’t smell half bad. 

We let them cool a few minutes on the baking sheet and moved them over to the cooling rack.  When completely cool we tried them out on the dogs.  And boy howdy do they like them! I’ve never seen the black lab tremble so hard or drool so much in anticipation.  

The store bought ones look a little nicer but I think that's just for us humans, I don't believe the dogs look at the treat and think "how pretty" before they chow down.  Also, this way I know what's in the treat's I'm giving them.

Here’s the actual recipe.


2 ½ cup whole wheat flour
¾ cups nonfat dry milk
1 egg
½ cup vegetable oil
2 beef bouillon cubes dissolved in
¾ cup boiling water
2 – 3 tbs. brown sugar

Set oven to 350. 

Combine all ingredients in a large bowl and mix until well blended.  Knead the dough for approximately 1 minute.   On a floured surface, roll the dough to ¼” thickness. Cut out in shapes or just into to rectangles.  Place on greased sheet and bake for 30 minutes.  Cool completely before giving to pets or placing treats in storage container.


  1. Gotta try your recipe.
    I make Xam his treats with flour, peanut butter, and an egg. No sugar. He loves them!!

  2. those lucky dogs! thanks for sharing on Craft Schooling Sunday!

  3. These look yummy for pups! I make my Floyd his own treats, I will have to try this recipe!

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  5. Great looking doggie treats!!

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    Hope you have a great week!
    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  6. how very cute come see what I shared at

  7. I gotta tell you that I have always wanted to try out make diggie treats - thanks for the recipe - thi smay be the time to try.

    FOund you via the monday link ups...if you have a chance I would love it if you stopped by...

    Have a great week.
    embellishments by tina

  8. I recently bought some dog bone cookie cutters. I have to try this recipe. I think my Bubba would love them!

    Love your blog. So many fun and creative things.

  9. Oh, I need to make miss Bailey some of these. Thanks for sharing this recipe.

  10. That is brilliant!!! And they actually look appetizing!! And, so much cheaper than the boxed ones I'm sure!! I will totally try this!!

  11. What a cute idea! Love it!
    Thank you so much for linking this up to {nifty thrifty sunday} last week!
    Hope to see you again this weekend!

  12. Thanks for linking this up, not sure why but I'm drooling for your dog too! I'll be featuring this one at my weekly party. I hope you'll come back again and show more inspiring projects!

  13. I'm going to be trying this recipe since it's so much healthier than the dog treats they sell in the store.

    Thanks so much for linking up. I featured you over at Screaming Sardine.

    Have a great holiday weekend!

    Tracy Screaming Sardine

  14. I've been looking to make homemade doggie treats for my pup! this seems simple enough and the ingredients were easy to find. Can't wait to try it out! thanks!