Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Investment Worth Making

I'm cheap.  There I said it.  Over the weekend I got taught a lesson about being too cheap.  I will be investing in the following soon.

Our humble little home is a 1950's ranch.   Back in the 50's they did not believe in large closets.  Therefore, I switch out my summer/winter clothes and USED to store them in trash bags - they were cheap and I could reuse them!  I've been using trash bags for years to store off season clothing.  Well last weekend I learned an important lesson. I went to the storage slash laundry room to retrieve my summer clothes.  I looked where I put the bag last fall and all that was there was some cardboard.  I looked high, low and in between.   No luck.  Hmmm, why was there cardboard back there?

We purchased a new washing and dryer back in November, Mr. Manly Man tends to keep stuff like cardboard and apparently throws out my summer clothing just because it's in a trash bag.  Yep - he tossed it out back in November. 

So I guess this weekend I invest in a couple good storage containers and a black Sharpie.  Oh maybe a few spring shirts too!

I also don't feel so bad about outing him on the bird cage.

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  1. My hubby would say Ii threw my own clothes out to get a new