Sunday, April 10, 2011

Frog O Phobia

Many times over the winter I heard “I don’t like the cold” and “when’s it going to warm up?”  I was happy with the cold weather. I prefer the cold weather. Spring and Summer - not my favorite.  Here is another reason why.

I suffer from frog phobia – well it’s more of a frog and toad phobia.  It’s actually called Ranidaphobia.  Go ahead you can laugh now – but they totally freak me out!  I'll take a spider or garden snake any day.  Worse yet we have at least two that live in our yard.  

I blame my siblings for my phobia.   I can recall my sister chasing me with the toad that lived in mom’s flower bed.  My brother also got in on the act once and a while.  I was terrified of getting peed on or worse.  To them it was probably great fun to torment me.

I never outgrew this fear and I doubt that I ever will.  I knew with warmer weather the little suckers would come out of hibernation.  This morning this was in our back yard, I swear it doubled in size over the winter.

I knew it was there so I was able to control myself outwardly; inside I couldn’t wait to get back in the house and get away from that slimy green monster.  The family thinks I am over reacting and very funny.  My husband has offered several times to take me frog hunting, you know, middle of the night with a light along a pond or stream and then fry up some frog legs the next day.   Um, no thanks.   I shudder at the thought.  


  1. Can't blame you for having frog phobia. They are cold and just jump quickly, startling you to the max. Btw, I can't seem to find the follow button. I wanted to follow you.

  2. How ironic! Guess what your niece and I saw at the store Sunday afternoon- a motion activated toad! I we thought of you! Love ya sis!