Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Auction Time

Ahh my first auction of the season.   Boy was it cold!  I was so glad I had my winter coat and my raincoat - 40 degrees with rain and hail.  As the rains came some of the crowd left and they started selling fast.   The two things I really wanted, an old pie safe and an even older crock, went way way to high for me, but I'm happy with what I won.  

For starters I snagged this cool retro kitchen table.   I'm not sure what the top finish is but I'm fairly sure I can do something with it.  The sides under the table are just painted metal and just need a little TLC and some paint to get it looking good.   Or I may just leave it "as is" and use it as a project table. 

I also won this great old book, I love the new trend of stacked old books and have even seen some fake old books for sale in a few stores. I think I'd rather stick to the real thing, plus you can find these dirt cheap at auctions and garage sales.  :)

I'm also keeping my fingers crossed that these feed sacks wash up and look good since I have a couple of ideas.

Of course, everything I won they added other boxes to it.   Therefore I also won some miscellaneous dishes, a Wagner Power painter (this could be good), a small shelf with hearts and some other miscellaneous books.  I guess I'll be putting some of this out at garage sale time. Maybe I'll redo the shelf first. 

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