Wednesday, February 2, 2011

There's nothing to eat and what's for supper?

I love to cook.  I really do, not just all the time and not necessarily on demand.  There are two phrases at our house that I hear every day and I truly despise both.  “There’s nothing to eat” and “what’s for dinner”.  These two phrases can make my blood boil.  And with two teenage girls – I hear them daily. 

There is always something to eat in our house.  It may need be microwaved for a whole four minutes – Easy Mac, or you may have to boil 2 cups of water on the stove – Ramen Noodles or heaven forbid open the refrigerator and get out some lunch meat or hot dogs!    Open a can of soup, microwave some pizza bites, have a cookie and a glass of milk.   You may not be able to find all these options every day, but there are always at least two or three.

As for what’s for supper, this one really gets me because it is usually the first thing out the girl’s mouths when I walk in the door after work.  Most nights I know what we’re having, if I don’t and ask them what they want the answer is . . . . .  Guesses anyone?   "I don’t know." Then I suggest a meal – no, and another – no, and another – no.   Pizza Hut?    No!  grrrrrr

I must admit that some of these evenings I cook stuff that only I like.  The others will eat it because they’re hungry but I can tell it’s not their favorite.  Small portions of food, fast eating and lots of water are all signs they don’t like the meal.   It’s kind of hard sometimes to keep the smug smile off my face.  They have learned not to complain too much these nights – all three of them.  If they complain about the meal too much, I grab the plate and it goes out the back door.

There is one family member who has eaten every single thing I have ever put before her, zero complaints, always grateful and cleans her plate every time.  Jada, our wonderful black lab.   Maybe the kids should take lessons from her?

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  1. What is the top picture? It looks so good!