Friday, February 18, 2011

My Little Footstool

I’ve been using this sad little foot stool as a mini coffee table for at least three or four years.  It has peeling paint and an ugly cork top but it’s the perfect size. It fits perfectly between our chairs and holds the crock for the remotes and my Dr. Pepper.   If it’s going to stay, it needs an update.  

Last weekend I sanded and sanded.  Then sanded some more.  And chipped out the cork, with a little help from the hubby as he didn't like the way i was doing it.  Then I sanded some more.   A did a base coat of St. Croix and a nice coat of eggshell.  All is good, except I’m not loving the eggshell.  Heck I’m not even liking the eggshell.  Maybe I should change to brown eggs?

Can you say do over?  Back to the St. Croix.   Let’s try another color - Almond.  Much better.  A little distressing and let a little blue show through. 

It's ok but it’s still not quite right.  A stencil, a brush and some brown paint.  

Now I have a happy little foot stool and a cat with a little brown paint on his nose.  I also realize why we have a good heater in the garage.


  1. This is cute. I LOVE the stenciling.


  2. The stenciling just makes it that much better. Cute makeover!

  3. I'm your newest follower. I'd love for you to come visit. I'm a huge fan of this stencil.

  4. that looks fantastic! i bought a little stool thing that i am using as a plant stand, and the plan had always been to stencil it. thanks for the reminder and inspiration!!