Saturday, February 5, 2011

Kitchen Canisters

A few weeks ago I purchased some pretty new canisters for the kitchen.  I went from circa 1994 plastic to clear glass with brushed metal lids.  Thank you Target.  

I brought them home, washed them up and got right to it.   I love this look so much better than grungy looking plastic.  One problem.   The non-cookers.  That at times use such things as sugar.   Apparently it is very difficult for teenagers to tell the difference between sugar and flour.  Here is my solution. 

Simple peel and stick letters from the scrapbook section.  No measuring, just eyed it.  I chose a font that didn’t have to be exact.   I ran out of lower case “r”s, but it’s just us so I think we’ll survive.  

I also did my spice cabinet shelf.   Sorry no before pic, I just couldn’t expose that to the world.   I purchased the spice jars on sale and had some vintage canning jars and spice jar setting around.   I had enough letters left for the canning jars and spice jar – so now every one knows what each one is. 

Small things can make me so happy.   :)

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