Thursday, February 3, 2011

A find

As the name of this blog indicates – this will show some of my finds.  Today’s find is jewelry – a ring.  A Ross Simons ring to be exact.  I usually won’t afford much from them but this was an exception.

I usually go for big bold rings but this thin little white enamel job caught my eye.  Even the box is pretty.  I found this company several years ago when I clicked a link somewhere.   The other day I clicked their clearance and this little gem was waiting for me.  An add to cart click and another click to paypal and it was mine.   $15.00 including shipping – what a deal!

They have a few other pieces I desire, yes desire,  want is not a strong enough word.

But my bank account and husband would both have a fit. Maybe they'll go on clearance someday!

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