Saturday, February 26, 2011

Twenty Cent Pillows

Today Bryan and I ventured out for our weekly Wal-Mart adventure.  On the way we stopped at a couple of flea markets.  The first one didn’t have anything I couldn’t live without so on to the second one, a flea market in a furniture store.   Score!

They had upholstery samples for sale, the majority are 18” square and all are in really good shape.  Some are really gorgeous and others not so much.   110 pieces of fabric for a whopping $11.00 – that’s right ten cents a piece!   Here’s a sample of some of the fabric.

Tonight I whipped up a couple of pillows, I didn’t really need them, but I sure like the fabric.  20 cent pillows – I already had the stuffing. 

My mind is just full of ideas for some of these fabrics and it’s nice to have a decent size stash to choose from. 

Friday, February 18, 2011

My Little Footstool

I’ve been using this sad little foot stool as a mini coffee table for at least three or four years.  It has peeling paint and an ugly cork top but it’s the perfect size. It fits perfectly between our chairs and holds the crock for the remotes and my Dr. Pepper.   If it’s going to stay, it needs an update.  

Last weekend I sanded and sanded.  Then sanded some more.  And chipped out the cork, with a little help from the hubby as he didn't like the way i was doing it.  Then I sanded some more.   A did a base coat of St. Croix and a nice coat of eggshell.  All is good, except I’m not loving the eggshell.  Heck I’m not even liking the eggshell.  Maybe I should change to brown eggs?

Can you say do over?  Back to the St. Croix.   Let’s try another color - Almond.  Much better.  A little distressing and let a little blue show through. 

It's ok but it’s still not quite right.  A stencil, a brush and some brown paint.  

Now I have a happy little foot stool and a cat with a little brown paint on his nose.  I also realize why we have a good heater in the garage.

Monday, February 14, 2011

A Day with Jorie

Jorie and I took a quick trip to Kansas City on Saturday.  We needed more curtains for the living room and I wanted to see if I could find anything else to add to the room.   Applebee’s for lunch. Hobby Lobby.  A quick stop for the curtains and off to Home Goods where Jorie found a great pillow.

I found one too. 

I love Home Goods, great stuff that doesn't break the bank. 

We made a Sam’s Club stop that took a while and a Target stop that was quick. Our final stop before heading home, as always, was Wendy's for chocolate Frosties.  Yum. 

I love spending one on one time with my girls, we talk about a little bit of everything, listen to their music and just have an all around good time.   Thanks Jor for going with me. 

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Snowflakes & Dragonflies

My blog is only a month or so old.  A couple of critics, I’ll let you all guess who they are, have said the name just isn’t right.  It doesn’t fit, I need something catchy. Name it after things that describe me. 

Therefore, I have decided to change the name of my blog.   A name that is more reflective of me.  I’ve been trying out a few -  40 and feeling it?  A house full of cat hair?  A Southeast Kansas Transplant?  Snow Boots and Flip Flops? Ice Storms and Tornados?  Snow Plows and Fishing?  Shoveling the Walk and Mowing the Lawn?  Tired and Hungry?  The Litter Box Follies? 

Snowflakes & Dragonflies?  Anyone who really knows me will understand where I’m going with this.  Snowflakes?  I love winter. I love the cold.  I love snow.  Enough said.  Dragonflies?   One of the few things I like about summer.  Well, dragonflies and air conditioning, auctions, garage sales and flea markets.   Snowflakes and Air Conditioning just doesn’t sound right.  Snowflakes and auctions, um, no.  Snowflakes and flea Markets, don’t think so.   Snowflakes and Dragonflies.   I like it.  Snowflakes and Dragonflies.   An interesting mix, two things that usually are not thought of together but have similarities.  Both are dainty, both are beautiful, both are things I like. 

Snowflakes & Dragonflies. 

Distressed Photo Frames

Again I’m working on the details of the living room re-do.  This time photo frames.  Total spent on this project $8.   I had the paint already – duh we’re painting the living room. Photos - check.  Scrapbooking paper - check.    Here's a shot of the frame I started with:

I sanded off the dark finish, a pre-distressing distressing.   Then wiped them down with a damp cloth and dried them completely.  I even shot the blow dryer on them for a few seconds to make sure they were completely dry.  Next I painted them the gorgeous color of St. Croix.  I am in love with this color. 

After they dried for two days, I got the sandpaper back out and started sanding. Distressed down to the brown in some places and all the way down to the wood light wood in others. This is what I ended up with.  That is just a glare from the glass on the top right of the wedding photo.  

I will definately be doing this again!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Kitchen Canisters

A few weeks ago I purchased some pretty new canisters for the kitchen.  I went from circa 1994 plastic to clear glass with brushed metal lids.  Thank you Target.  

I brought them home, washed them up and got right to it.   I love this look so much better than grungy looking plastic.  One problem.   The non-cookers.  That at times use such things as sugar.   Apparently it is very difficult for teenagers to tell the difference between sugar and flour.  Here is my solution. 

Simple peel and stick letters from the scrapbook section.  No measuring, just eyed it.  I chose a font that didn’t have to be exact.   I ran out of lower case “r”s, but it’s just us so I think we’ll survive.  

I also did my spice cabinet shelf.   Sorry no before pic, I just couldn’t expose that to the world.   I purchased the spice jars on sale and had some vintage canning jars and spice jar setting around.   I had enough letters left for the canning jars and spice jar – so now every one knows what each one is. 

Small things can make me so happy.   :)

Thursday, February 3, 2011

A find

As the name of this blog indicates – this will show some of my finds.  Today’s find is jewelry – a ring.  A Ross Simons ring to be exact.  I usually won’t afford much from them but this was an exception.

I usually go for big bold rings but this thin little white enamel job caught my eye.  Even the box is pretty.  I found this company several years ago when I clicked a link somewhere.   The other day I clicked their clearance and this little gem was waiting for me.  An add to cart click and another click to paypal and it was mine.   $15.00 including shipping – what a deal!

They have a few other pieces I desire, yes desire,  want is not a strong enough word.

But my bank account and husband would both have a fit. Maybe they'll go on clearance someday!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

There's nothing to eat and what's for supper?

I love to cook.  I really do, not just all the time and not necessarily on demand.  There are two phrases at our house that I hear every day and I truly despise both.  “There’s nothing to eat” and “what’s for dinner”.  These two phrases can make my blood boil.  And with two teenage girls – I hear them daily. 

There is always something to eat in our house.  It may need be microwaved for a whole four minutes – Easy Mac, or you may have to boil 2 cups of water on the stove – Ramen Noodles or heaven forbid open the refrigerator and get out some lunch meat or hot dogs!    Open a can of soup, microwave some pizza bites, have a cookie and a glass of milk.   You may not be able to find all these options every day, but there are always at least two or three.

As for what’s for supper, this one really gets me because it is usually the first thing out the girl’s mouths when I walk in the door after work.  Most nights I know what we’re having, if I don’t and ask them what they want the answer is . . . . .  Guesses anyone?   "I don’t know." Then I suggest a meal – no, and another – no, and another – no.   Pizza Hut?    No!  grrrrrr

I must admit that some of these evenings I cook stuff that only I like.  The others will eat it because they’re hungry but I can tell it’s not their favorite.  Small portions of food, fast eating and lots of water are all signs they don’t like the meal.   It’s kind of hard sometimes to keep the smug smile off my face.  They have learned not to complain too much these nights – all three of them.  If they complain about the meal too much, I grab the plate and it goes out the back door.

There is one family member who has eaten every single thing I have ever put before her, zero complaints, always grateful and cleans her plate every time.  Jada, our wonderful black lab.   Maybe the kids should take lessons from her?

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The first step . . . .

Pillows. Just the finishing touch.  Is it wrong that these are the first completed project for the living room re-do? 

This is what I’m replacing. They look kind of sad but boy howdy are they cushy and warm.  I think I’ll keep these around for nap time, maybe in the family room.

These took me about an hour and a half to make, from measuring to the hand sewing the holes shut.   I highly recommend the pillow forms and a husband to stuff them in the newly made slip covers.  

I adore the fabrics. . . especially sans dog and cat hair.  I know its just a matter of time after I put them out before Parker and Grover take their first naps on them.