Thursday, January 20, 2011

Grain Scoop or Candle Holder?

Just an old galvanized grain scoop?  Not at our house – it’s now a candle holder. I have an uncle, who has farmed his whole life, that I am sure will just shake his head and wonder what the heck I'm doing with a grain scoop in the house.    Jar candles fit perfectly down in it and I feel a little having a lit candle in the house.  The candle in  it is a small one, it can easily hold large Yankee Candle.

This is one of my finds – I know I didn’t pay much and all I had to do was set it on it’s end.  I wonder if Uncle Clem has any sitting out in his barn?


  1. Now that is clever!!! Thank you for sharing with my party!


  2. Hehehe... Really a smart work. I never wonder that this can be use in that way also. Goodluck.